Automating Hadoop Cluster Installation

Automate Hadoop Cluster Installation

If you have created a Hadoop cluster, even a small one for your development, you understand that there are many things you may have to do manually. It’s a tiring job and we often miss few steps or configurations that create problems at later stage. I thought of creating a simple example of Hadoop cluster installation which is almost entirely automated. An example which just require us to execute one or two scripts and it does everything we need. Such an example will be a good learning for many DevOps beginners especially those who are not very proficient in Linux shell scripting. This post will demonstrate and explain how can we automate almost everything required for installing a small Hadoop cluster.

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Ambari Blueprint for Hadoop cluster setup

Ambari Blueprint

Ambari Blueprint is a declarative definition of a Hadoop cluster. With a Blueprint, system administrators and DevOps engineers can automate the process of provisioning a cluster via a REST API without having to use the Ambari Cluster Install Wizard. We can define Ambari Blueprint once and then it can be re-used to facilitate easy configuration and automation for each successive cluster creation. This post is a tutorial for using Ambari Blueprint for creating a Hadoop cluster without using Ambari GUI.

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How to Install Oracle Virtual Box Guest Additions

Virtual Box Guest Additions

I preferred using VMware player over Oracle Virtual Box because I found VMware more user-friendly and handy. But soon I realized that creating a virtual machine manually is long complex and time-consuming process. I started looking for options to automate virtual machine creation and found Vagrant as a great tool to help me do what I wanted to do. But Vagrant forced me to leave VMware player and switch to Oracle Virtual Box. Vagrant for Virtual Box is the only available option for free. While learning, how to use vagrant, I realized that Virtual Box Guest Additions are something which makes Oracle Virtual Box more user-friendly and handy compared to VMware. This post is about Virtual Box guest additions, how to install and configure them, and what features they add to Virtual Box.

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